BetteBack Concert: “There isn’t a performer alive who can match her talents”

Syracuse Post Standard
Big, Bubbly Bette Charms 3000 Fans
April 12, 1973

Bette Midler, the Divine Miss M, made love to 3,000 persons last night at Loew’s Theater, and that love was returned by each and every one of them a hundredfold.

The sexy, saucy, sassy, sweet Miss Midler is a born star, surrounding her performance with a sense of deja vu that simply mystifies the mind.

A veritable time machine as she takes you back to the days of the Andrews Sisters, Helen Morgan and the Shangrilas, she packs more energy into herself than could an entire vaudeville revue.

There isn’t a performer alive who can match her talents–in song, dance, and the other too-numerous-to-mention ingredients that make up her act.

Highly disciplined with an uncommon ability to make the oft-rehearsed appear totally spontaneous, Miss Midler certainly deserves far more popularity and acclaim than perhaps even the Beatles or Elvis ever did.

Big, bubbly and bawdy, she shows no trouble at all in making audiences completely relaxed, as she seduces them with ber unique brand of madness, cuteness, splash and flash. A fountain of emotions.

Rolling in the present overwhelming demand for the nostalgic, Miss Midler will never meet with difficulty when that demand diminishes.

With her bottomless storehouse of talent she will undoubtedly go the limit in which ever direction she selects.

In years to come when people talk of Smith, Holliday, Morgan and Streisand, the name Midler will most certainly be unavoidable.

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