Bette Tweets: Bette Gets Political On Republican Convention Day

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Bette MidlerBette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Can’t wait for another glamorous evening in gorgeous overbuilt Tampa, amongst the GOP shrinkers and haters. Big teeth, big hair, big deal.

Bette MidlerBette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Obama says big storm comes to southern states. Should have said “A mighty wind”: Chris Christie. How will they do w/o the hated gov’t?

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Don’t forget the incompetent inadequate Republican response to Katrina 7 yrs ago. Let’s see how they weather this one having slashed FEMA

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17 thoughts on “Bette Tweets: Bette Gets Political On Republican Convention Day

    1. Sorry, no sleaze there Cliffie! The first tweet was from the mind of a comic; the other two from a mind that is constantly learning….she just stated some facts with some comic observations. The Republican Party continues to set themselves up to be put down.

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