BetteBack 1974: Bette Becomes Disillusioned With Fame

Mister D: Most of Bette’s disillusionment of fame had to do with Rolling Stone magazine‘s bilious review of her second eponymously titled album, “Bette Midler”

Benton Harbor News Palladium
Being A Star Very Tiring For Bette
By Robin Adams Sloan
January 10, 1974



Bette Midler, the new record and performing sensation, is reportedly so exhausted by her rise to the top that she says, “I did 150 cities in eleven minutes,” and canceled everything after January 1, including three TV shows.

She is even threatening to retire from show biz, saying wearily, “1 always said I’d quit if it stopped being fun.”

Bette will take a rest, but as for her threats to stop singing – well, she tries out new material each night and that doesn’t sound like quitting to us.

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