Bette Tweets: DNC Night Two, The Last Man, And Fashion Night Out

2nd night of @DNConvention; please please please tell us how to get folks back to work…life stories are nice, but tell us the PLANS!!

Tonight lamb shanks and a bottle of Jack. Don’t call me tomorrow…

Saw @thebestman last night. In awe of James, John, Kristen et al but esp John Stamos, who continues to dazzle..Gore Vidal! Good one!

On another note, Stamos noted my lack of facility (or even aptitude!) re the tech side of tweeting. Have to admit, I do need remedial help.

“What works in the REAL WORLD is CO-OPERATION!! Simple, reasonable, fundamental. Thank you, @billclinton don’t stop believing…

I kinda love these conventions..conventional, but to watch a great speaker like @billclinton is not. Better than ever.

Two trillion dollars more than the Pentagon requested! WTF for? We spend more money than the next 26 countries COMBINED! They’re our allies!

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Fashion’s Night Out is shaping up to be HUGE! There’s barriers on West Bway and hordes of tourists w/tykes in tow. That is not a typo.

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