Bette On The Boards Is Back….In A Smaller Capacity….Great For Collectors!

I just want to inform everybody that Darrell has happily re-opened Bette On The Boards in a new format…especially for those interested in the archival format, both in audio, and soon in photos.

He also wants to put out there that he has some interesting items in his collection that he might be willing to part with for some of Bette’s vintage clothing that someone won through the Julien’s auction this past year. In other words, kind of a barter/trade scenario.

Believe me he has some pretty cool things to put on the table that many of us have not ever experienced. So if you’re willing to trade a piece of history….he, in other words is offering you a chance to experience some history.

So check the site out and spread the word that Darrell’s back in town…well, on the web! Whatever, you get my drifteroo! Welcome back Darrell!

Love, Mister D

To check out the new Bette On The Boards: Click Here

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2 thoughts on “Bette On The Boards Is Back….In A Smaller Capacity….Great For Collectors!

  1. I’ve always been a fan of his site, and I have always appreciated his hard work, but Bette’s history on the boards didn’t cease after 1984, and I hope that someday we will be able to revisit more of her modern work that hasn’t been published as well.

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