BetteBack September 29, 1977: Bette Midler To Appear With Legend Jerry Lee Lewis At Rolling Stone Gig

Winnipeg Free Press
September 29, 1977

Despite the numerous fits and starts, the million-dollar Rolling Stone magazine show apparently is under way at last with several segments taped and several more ready for the cameras.

The show will start with a rock fantasy segment, with a garage rock band picturing their rise to the cover of Rolling Stone through the wonderful clay animations of Bob Gardiner (producer of Oscar-winning Closed Monday).

An already-taped concert at L.A.’s Roxy Theatre will star Bette Midler and Jerry Lee Lewis performing to a sellout house (one of the show’s stipulations is that no stars will perform in the studio, only on the concert stage).

A huge song, dance and film collage tribute to the Beatles, with new arrangements of the songs by ace arranger Jack Nitsche, will attempt to present the history of the ’60s through the Liverpudlians‘ lyrics.

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