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BetteBack April 29, 1982: Where’s Bette’s Movie Career?

Salina Journal
April 29, 1982


Q. We were delighted to see Bette Midler at the Oscar ceremonies. But what’s happened to her movie acting
career? — N.V

A. One reason Bette put in an appearance at the Academy Awards — besides the fact that she was nominated as best actress in the 1979 competition for her role in “The Rose” —was to remind the movie going public the Divine Miss M is still around. The reminding is called for since, besides a largely unsuccessful concert movie a year or so ago, Bette hasn’t been that active. She completed a film some time ago after some off-camera skirmishing with the director and crew members. The movie, appropriately titled “The Jinx,” has been sitting on the shelf awaiting a firm release date this summer. So, in all, Bette’s Silver
screen career is distinctly on hold.

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