Reddit AMA For Bette Midler Starts At 3:30 ET (How To Navigate Hopefully)



Reddit is a site that lists links to articles and AMA‘s (Ask Me Anything) on practically any subject. Usually the AMA’s take place on this page a half hour before the event is to occur so bookmark it and remember to refresh. But first register so you can participate: Click Here

When the AMA starts Bette Midler and Reddit should issue a link where you can ask questions through a Comment Box. The AMA link will say something like Bette Midler, It’s The Girls, AMA or something to that effect.

It might be best to play around with the site and look at past AMA’s so you can figure out how it works. It is rather daunting if you’re not familiar with the site. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry, I will post a transcript from the session as soon as time allows. Check out and see if you can spot AMA links on this page: Click Here You might also try using the search engine as well within the half hour leading up to the event. Good Luck

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