BetteBack April 12, 1987: What Kind Of Mother Is Bette Midler?

Publication: Salina Journal
Issue Date: April 12, 1987


Bette Midler is such a raunchy character you just have to wonder what she is like in her new role as a real-life mother.–J.E.

With her newfound Hollywood stardom, not to mention a multi-picture contract with the Walt Disney organization, of all things, Bette has put her rock n raunch days behind her.

She remains, though. an outspoken personality on just about every topic you can image. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when during a Hollywood party Midler started talking about nursing her daughter, Sophie. Bette said she’s nursed the baby for six months.

“Some mothers nurse for a year, and then there are a few that nurse until the kids are five or six years old,” Bette added with a wink. “Now that’s kinky.”

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One thought on “BetteBack April 12, 1987: What Kind Of Mother Is Bette Midler?

  1. That is so interesting that you posted this after all that fuss about Bette’s comments on Ariana Grande. Now days it seems it’s either “I don’t want to breastfeed” or “I will nurse untill the baby feels like it”, which could mean untill the kid is six years old, like she said…many breastfeeding and normal birth activists can really call you names if you defend different perspectives. If Bette “tweeted” that or if an article with that remark was publish these days…LOL…I’m just imagining here the kind of response she would get from the “fundamentalists”. LOL.

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