NYRP: Keeping Our Streets Cleaner, Greener

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Keeping Our Streets Cleaner, Greener
Beach 116th Bulletin
By Linda Humphrey, Administrative Director, Beach 116th Street Partnership
May 1, 2015


In an effort to keep Beach 116th Street clean, and more importantly, safe from discarded cigarette butts, the Beach 116th Street Partnership, along with the Queens Chamber of Commerce, has installed several cigarette disposals along the busy shopping corridor.

Did you know that cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and across the globe? Also, once tossed, it will take 18 months to 10 years for a cigarette filter to decompose. So please, if you smoke, don’t flick your butts to the sidewalk or street. Use the cigarette receptacles available.

Trying to keep things greener, on April 18-19, the Beach 116th Street Partnership co-sponsored a tree giveaway with the New York Restoration Project (NYRP). It was the fourth event of its kind with these groups and it was very well received by the neighborhood.

The NYRP, founded in 1995 by Bette Midler, helped to give away 200 trees to Rockawayites who registered online.

The timing couldn’t have been better for the distribution of these trees, being that Earth Day was on April 22 and Arbor Day was on April 24. Arbor Day is a perfect day to invite people to plant new trees.

The Beach 116th Street Partnership thanks the NYRP and their staff for helping transform our badly damaged landscapes from Hurricane Sandy. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

For more information on the Beach 116th Street Partnership, you can visit the website www.discoverbeach116.com and for the New York Restoration Project, visit www.nyrp.org.

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