Divine Intervention: Notes From The Road (Thanks Todd)


Hi Don,

I went to Bette (Night 2) last night. As an FYI, she deleted “Be My Baby” from the setlist, perhaps due to the Herald review (calling for her to “trim” some of the back-to-back cover songs from “It’s The Girls.” She added an extra Soph joke that did not go over as well as the others, so she stated, “They can’t all be winners.”

An additional change: a velvet rope was installed in front of the 1st row to prevent audience members from approaching the stage. The one time she called one up to help her to the ledge (for “From A Distance,” the female fan would not sit down. Bette had to kindly say, “You need to go back to your seat. Remember, this song is called ‘From A Distance.'” (Very clever!)

Several times, she referred to the location as “Hollywood, F – L – A.” Cute.


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4 thoughts on “Divine Intervention: Notes From The Road (Thanks Todd)

  1. I’m a bit disappointed that “Be My Baby” was deleted from the set list. After all, the tour is really designed to promote her new CD, and I actually thought there would be more songs from “It’s the Girls” on her playlist. “Be My Baby” is technically the single from the CD, and it’s omitted (?)–all I can say is I hope they put it back in. I’d prefer hearing something new/fresh than (dare I say) Beast of Burden or Stay with Me. Sorry, but those are staples that just don’t excite me anymore. Not that I’ll be bored, by any means, but there’s nothing like hearing Bette singing a song for the first time, in concert.

  2. I would to hear Baby, it’s You. It’s one of my favs from the album and it sounds sp fresh…I would change all the Soph jokes for that. LOL

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