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February 13, 1991


HOLLYWOOD – There may be some doubt about the best movies of 1990, but Tuesday’s nominations for the Uth annual Golden Raspberry Awards left little doubt about the year’s worst.

Five movies swept all the nominations for the three key categories of worst screenplay, worst director and worst picture of 1990.

The worst of the worst will be be announced March 24, one day before the Academy Awards ceremony honors the best of last year’s movie efforts.

At the bottom of the newest Razzie nomination list is Bo Derek’s “Ghosts Can’t Do It,” which couldn’t do it either at the box office or with critics.

“Ghosts,” directed by husband John Derek, took nine Razzie nominations in alL It’s up – or down – for worst picture, worst director and worst screenplay and Its key performers were similarly honored. Co-star Leo Damian was nominated both for worst new star and worst supporting actor, while Ms. Derek may be heading for her first worst actress Razzie after two earlier nominations.

Last year the Razzies’ 306 voters named her the worst actress of the 1980s on the weakness of her performances in “Bolero” and “Tarzan the Ape Man.”

‘ Donald Trump, possibly so desperate for new cash that he made his first film appearance in “Ghosts Can’t Do It,” got two more Razzie nominations for the flick, rivaling Damian In the worst new star and worst supporting actor categories. And Julie Newmar rounds out the film’s honors with a nomination for worst supporting actress.

If It hadn’t been for Trump, “Rocky V” would have rivaled “Ghosts” as the biggest Razzie nomination loser.

Sylvester Stallone’s latest boxing blockbuster won him nominations for worst director, worst screenplay and – for a record eighth time – a nomination as worst actor.

The Rocky sequel also is down for worst picture. And co-star Burt Young, who plays Talla Shire’s brother in the picture, is nominated for worst supporting actor – just as he was for his Rocky IV performance.

“Rocky V” also is a possible loser In the worst actress category, with a nomination for Ms. Shire, and for worst song, for “The Measure of a Man.”

Razzie nominators felt the three other three most disastrous movies of 1990 were Andrew Dice Clay’s “Adventures of Ford Fair lane,” “Graffiti Bridge” and “Bonfire of the Vanities,” which the voters dubbed “Bonfire of the Inanities.”

Besides nominations for worst screenplay, worst director and worst picture category, all three were put down for several other honors.

Melanle Griffith, whose southern drawl In “Bonfire of the Vanities” was described by one Razzie voter as “worse than Foghorn Leghorn’s,” was nominated for worst actress, as was Bette Midler for “Stella” and Molly Ringwald for “Betsy’s Wedding.” Clay was nominated for worst actor, along with rock star Prince, who also wrote and directed “Graffiti Bridge.” Other worstactor nominees are Mickey Rourke for “Desperate Hours” and “Wild Orchid” and George C. Scott for the latest sequel of “The Exorcist”

Other Razzie nominees: – Worst new star: Ingrld Chavez, “Graffiti Bridge”; Sofia Coppolla, “Godfather III”; Carre Otto, “Wild Orchid.

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