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BetteBack November 27, 1989: The Reason Bette Made ‘Stella’

Galveston Daily News
November 27, 1989


NEW YORK — Singer-actress BETTE MIDLER, who climbed to fame as a brash, raucous cabaret performer, gives two reasons for her avowedly sentimental role in a soon-to-be-released tear-jerker from Disney.

“My hormones are quieted down for the moment,” she says in the current issue of Fame magazine.

Besides, “I really couldn’t say no to this because (Disney studios) paid so much money for it.”

Midler stars in “Stella” as a lower-class women who gives up the daughter she loves so that the girl may have a better life. The film is a remake of the 1937 “Stella Dallas,” starring BARBARA STANWYCK.

“I couldn’t watch the first version,” she says. ‘It seemed pretty sentimental.”

The Divine Miss M gushed about her cozy relationship with Walt Disney Productions, which recently signed her to a six-picture contract.

“It’s new for me to have a relationship with a company,” she said.

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