BetteBack March 26, 1992: A Hollywood Gossip Column Speculates On The Oscar Race

Burkburnett Informer
March 26, 1992


HOLLYWOOD – Next week we’ll know for sure. This week we speculate, just for fun, because there’s no way to second guess the way members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will vote. Not when they pit an animated feature against live actors and nominate
a picture completely ignoring its director Barbra Streisand for Prince of Tides. ” So … just for fun I’ll go with ”˜Bugsy” for best picture and its director Barry Levinson for best director.

For best actor it’s Nick Nolte for “Prince of Tides,” although Warren Beatty as Bugsy could be breathing down his neck.

It would be hard to choose Geena Davis over Susan Sarandon for “Thelma and Louise. ’’Possibly they could cancel each other out in the voting and Laura Dern could be the winner for “Bombing Rose. ”

Jodie Foster and Bette Midler will have to be happy with just being nominated.

For best supporting actress it’s difficult to predict. They were all excellent, but it would make for such good copy if Diane Ladd and daughter Laura won. You know by now, of course, that they would be the first mother-daughter to win Oscars in the same year.

For best supporting actor it’s anybody’s guess, and that’s the way I’m going to leave it.

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