Bette Midler Taking Questions On Twitter Through The New Year

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2 thoughts on “Bette Midler Taking Questions On Twitter Through The New Year

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    1. I just wrote you a long comment and my computer went down and lost everything. I’ll have to make this fast. I am so sorry you have had it so hard and it is still worth it to keep your faith. But I am not Bette Midler. And she’s starting to downsize her life since she’s in her 70s. She’s closed her fan club which was the best way to reach her. Some people use her foundation NYRP, which is not cool. unless you’re donating to the cause. Otherwise, you’re taking away from their work. But some people use it to give her gifts, but she can’t use them, so they get recycled. She told me never to buy gifts for her bc she has enough , knows her own tastes, but if you go that route a simple card and a message should suffice. The only other possibility is to write her management or PR company wich you can usually find on If you have kids or know kids they’ll be able to find stuff in a matter of minutes. Good luck to you, always pray, and keep the faith. And always keep your eye out for organizations that might could possibly help. LOve. Mister D

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