BetteBack May 23, 1992: Goodbye Johnny Carson!

Lethbridge Herald
May 23, 1992


Thursday night’s show, the last with celebrity guests and a public studio audience, was hailed by Tonight Show staffers as one of Carson‘s best.

Preliminary ratings indicated an estimated 23 million people – 42 percentof the viewing audience at that hour–watched. Final ratings won’t be available until next week. The highest rated Tonight Show was in 1969, when an estimated 45 million people saw singer Tiny Tim marry Miss Vicki.

Thursday’s show had rollicking comedy from Robin Williams, tearjerking tribute songs from Bette Midler and a sharp-tongued monologue from the host.

“We’re outta here tomorrow,” Carson gasped, throwing up his hands.

“What do I care, what are they going to do – can me?”

Midler brought out the handkerchiefs with her show-ending rendition of One More For My Baby.

Even the normally stoic Carson blinked back tears.

Carson also took note of the clock that was winding down on his Tonight Show career.

“It’s almost over,” he said.

“You know what I feel like? A chicken.

“And the Colonel is whipping up 11 herbs and spices.

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