BetteBack January 2, 1993: Midler’s ‘Gypsy’ Will Have The Original Broadway Score Intact

Cedar Rapids Gazette
January 2, 1993

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Dear Stacy: I read a while back that there was a new TV version of “Gypsy” being made, to star Bette Midler as Mama Rose. She’s one of my favorite performers and it’s one of my favorite musicals. Can you tell me any more about this television production? Was it actually made? When it will be on? Who else is in the cast? – Florence H., Long Island, N.Y.

Dear Florence: CBS’s planned three-hour presentation of the great musical has not yet been lensed, nor is there additional casting beyond Midler at this point. Bette isn’t expected to complete Disney’s big-screen “Hocus Pocus” until February so “Gypsy” will have to wait until after that. One thing the “Gypsy” producers do know is that the musical will be presented with all the songs from the original Broadway score intact. That ought to please “Gypsy” fans who never quite forgave producers of the Rosalind Russell-Natalie
Wood 1962 film version of the musical for omitting “Together, Wherever We Go.”

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