First Wives Club Gets Second Shot On Small Screen As TV Series (Without Original Stars)

First Wives Club Gets Second Shot On Small Screen
By WENN in Movies / TV / Theatre on 04 March 2016


Bosses at America’s TV Land network have given the green light for a pilot based on the beloved 1996 film, which starred Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn.

In the movie, adapted from author Olivia Goldsmith‘s book of the same name, the three women reunite for their college friend’s funeral and make a pact to revenge each of their ex-husbands.

The television version will take on a similar plot of former friends reconnecting, but will be set in modern-day San Francisco.

New Girl scribe Rebecca Addelman will write the script, white Sex and the City album Jenny Bicks will executive produce the project.

“Looking ahead, we’re developing shows that are funny but also embrace real dramatic moments,” TV Land’s executive vice president of original programming Keith Cox said in a statement. “We’re fortunate to be working with such amazing collaborators as we continue to reinvent the network.”

While it is unclear whether Keaton, Midler and Hawn will return for the TV revamp, the trio will soon be reuniting for a new film for Netflix called Divanation.

The actresses will star as members of a singing group, who reunite after a nasty split and 30-year estrangement.

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