Bette Midler Asks Real Housewive’s Of Atlanta’s, Phaedra Parks, To Do Her Funeral

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Which Legendary Singer Asked Phaedra Parks to Do Her Funeral?
By Jocelyn Vena March 24, 2016 Ӣ 1:54 PM ET


Some Real Housewives side gigs include launching a wine label or starting a fashion brand, but for Phaedra Parks, well, she likes to her spend her time away from her law practice…with dead people. We’ve seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom earn her mortuary sciences degree, and word has clearly spread of her skills. On Thursday, Phaedra shared that Bette Midler recently propositioned her on a flight about planning her future funeral.

And when she stopped by The Daily Dish HQ that same day, Phaedra revealed another legendary vocalist she’d love to honor with a goodbye bash. “You know, I loved, I had the pleasure of meeting Patti LaBelle,” she explained. “I would love to do her funeral. Oh, honey, I would change her out four or five times. I would have her up like she was singing. They wouldn’t even know if she was alive or gone to glory.”

When Phaedra appeared on Watch What Happens Live last December (alongside Patti!), she shared an update on when her mortuary might soon be up and running. “I’m still involved in the mortuary industry,” Phaedra explained, in the clip above. “I’m actually opening up a funeral home hopefully at the top of the year, so I’m excited about that.”

We’re sure Bette will be, too.

No word on whether Phaedra’s passion for funerals will come up during Part 2 of the RHOA reunion, airing Sunday at 8/7c

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