If Trump Wins, These Celebrities Might Flee The U.S.

If Trump Wins, These Celebrities Might Flee The U.S.
by Mike Draup
posted Apr 27 2016 9:53AM


Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware all voted for Trump over Cruz and Kasich yesterday, giving him an even bigger lead in the party’s delegate count.

But this post isn’t about politics, it’s about Hollywood.

Several celebrities have come out saying if Donald is elected President, they will move out of the country. What will we do?

Girls star Lena Dunham now says she’ll move to Vancouver. “I can get my work done from there.”

Other stars who have pledged to relocate if Trump wins the White House include Miley Cyrus, Jon Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson and Cher.

If a celebrity endorsement matters to you in your voting process, which it shouldn’t, Kerry Washington, Chris Brown, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Josh Groban, Demi Lovato, Common, America Ferrera, Jack Black, Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Sarah Silverman, Shakira, Richard Gere, Bette Midler and Louis C.K. have all publicly denounced Trump.

No word yet on if anyone on that list is house shopping in Canada in an effort to be Lena’s neighbor.

-Mike Draup

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One thought on “If Trump Wins, These Celebrities Might Flee The U.S.

  1. I think Bette should move to Brazil. 😝 I know. The polítical scene here is pretty much House of Cards meets Game of Thrones right now (no dragons though, which is a shame…), but the weather is great. 😜

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