BetteBack May 17, 1996: Is Goldie Hawn Playing Old Parts Cause She’s Heavy And…Older?

Medicine Hat News
May 17, 1996


Q: Is G o 1 d i e H a w n going for older women’s parts these days b e ca u se she’s put on some pounds and is, well, older?-W. B.

A: Don’t believe it. Sure, in her next flick with Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, Goldie, 50, portrays a first wife unloaded by an ex who is infatuated with a gorgeous young woman.

But Hawn remains in tiptop shape, virtually sporting the same dress size as when she played that bikini-clad beauty yem ago in Laugh-In.”

Designer Calvia Klein can attest to that. He provided the duds Hawn wore for the Oscar ceremonies.

His associate told me Goldie’s in the best shape “of any of the women we dressed” for the big event. Hawn occasionally likes to pig
out and exerelses moderately, so it must be in her genes.

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