BetteBack September 19, 1996: Bette Midler And Goldie Hawn At ‘The First Wive’s Club’ Premiere

Orange Leader
September 19, 1996


Gotdte Hawn, left, and Bette Midler share a laugh as they arrive for the premiere of The first Wives dub” Wednesday at the Paris Theater in New York. The movie also stars Diane Keaton. The three award-winning actresses have been having a ball lately on the talk show circuit, it separately and together, talking about the fun they had making the movie about dumped first wives who get even and getting to know each other in the process. They just threw us in a room and it was automatically like high school,” Keaton said on “Good Morning, America” this morning. “It’s just like we knew each other before we knew each other.” Midler and Hawn will say (“Good Morning, America” Friday.)

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