BetteBack November 3, 1996: The First Wives Club Reunion That Wasn’t

Lethbridge Herald
November 3, 1996


It’s “The First Wives Club” reunion that wasn’t Bette Midler Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton all happened to be on hand at the terribly chichi Fire and Ice Ball in LA. recently. Unfortunately, that coincidence didn’t result in a major bonding moment for the triad. But don’t blame Midler for that The songbird, who was the event’s headlining entertainer, pirouetted ofistage midperformance to seek out her movie cohorts. Midler immediately scoped out Hawn, but she was shocked to learn that Keaton already had bolted. “What do you mean she left? She didn’t even finish her dessert,” a bemused Midler told the crowd.

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