Bette Midler shows off slimmed down figure at recent event

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Bette Midler shows off slimmed down figure

The Divine Miss M is looking better than ever these days and she’s recently taken it up another notch, stepping out with a slimmed down figure and rocking one seriously cool outfit.

Bette was attending an event in New York and posed for cameras wearing black leather pants, chunky boots and a simple green jumper.

While she had temporarily dyed her hair blonde with pink highlights, it appears she’s let it grow out and is back to her natural grey locks ”“ which she looks great with.

Bette is gearing up for the Broadway release of the ”˜Hello, Dolly’ revival in which she will play the lead role.

The show smashed records a few weeks ago when it became the fastest selling show in Broadway history!

Meanwhile, she has been incredibly vocal about the US election, poking fun at Donald Trump on social media.

She shared her disgust at Trump’s comments about women, which he called “locker room banter”, asking: “One thing’s till bugging me from the debate. Donald says it was just locker-room banter. But does anybody believe he’s ever been in a gym?”

She also had a go at him for saying he will build a wall between the US and Mexico.

“Will today be the day American women realize that maybe Donald Trump wanted to build that wall to keep us all from getting away from him?” she asked.

Bette is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton and has been working to promote her campaign.

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