Bette Midler Talks To Fans On Facebook And We Learn All Kinds Of Scoops!

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Bette Midler Talks To Fans On Facebook And We Learn All Kinds Of Scoops!
by VVN Music
October 20, 2016


Reddit used to be the main focus of fan Q&A’s (or AMA’s in their lingo) but many are now starting to use Facebook which seems to now be the go to site for up-to-the-minute info and interaction with artists.

Thursday afternoon, Bette Midler interacted for over an hour with fans, talking about her own career and letting out a few tidbits of previously unknown information.

On who inspired her … ” loved Mae West and I loved Janis Joplin and I loved Tina Turner and I loved Aretha Franklin. That’s my quartet. There were so many Hollywood actresses that were inspiring too.”

On the recording of The Divine Miss M … “I think the night we decided we would sing in front of an invited audience was the greatest night. We had the album in the can, but we decided it needed something. So we invited in an audience, ordered Chinese and away we went. Half of this album is live and half studio.”

On Stage Freight … “I never calm my nerves! They always get the best of me, sometimes I hurl!” “I have terrible stage fright! But I’ve learned some breathing techniques and I know once I jump in, it’ll go away.”

On concert mishaps … “Once in one of my wheelchairs, unbeknownst to me, one of the electricians had cranked up the speed on my chair. It flung me from the chair and I landed on the audience in the seats!”

On Music and Roles she is sorry she hasn’t done … “I’ve never sung “Moonlight in Vermont, “Over the Rainbow,” or “Stardust.” I’d love to play Auntie May, she’s one of my all time favorite characters.”

On her favorite film roles … “The Rose, I loved that and it was a great experience. I loved making Big Business, and First Wives Club. Beaches was the best with Garry Marshall, he was such a classy classy guy.”

On her guest appearance on Seinfeld … “It was a blast. To tell you the truth I had no idea what I was doing because I hadn’t really seen the show. But after I became a huge fan and still watch it. The black and white cookie had me stumped!”

On who, living or dead, she would like to sing with … “Adele! My musical soulmate.”

On whether she would ever work with Iggy Pop … “I love Iggy Pop! I’ve often thought of re-recording Wild Child. I love the guy!”

On whether she would ever work with Barbra Streisand … “Sure! Actually one of her people asked me to be on her last record. Then I never heard from them again.”

On her upcoming lead role in Broadway’s Hello Dolly … ” I’m so excited about working with that cast! They are the top of the line, cream of the crop. I know its going to be the most wondrous, color filled show. I’m worried about remembering everything…but I’m going to give it my best shot.” “I had trepidations, but I’ve learned the role and learned the score. And now that I know a little more about it, I feel more confident.”

On plans to release some of her older concerts on video … “Yes, I have a couple of shows in the can that I really, really love.”

On whether their are more archival recordings to be released … “No…I think I’m about done. I’ve cleaned out the vault!”

On plans to write a memoir … “Nooooooooo….”

On whether she thinks she is one of the “nasty women” that Donald Trump talks about … “Undoubtedly! He doesn’t think I measure up to his standard. And anyone who doesn’t is a “Nasty Woman”!”

…and our favorite response of the Q&A:
Fan: No question. You look GORGEOUS! Love from Denver, Colorado!

Bette: You’re high!

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