BetteBack June 28, 1997: Dennis Farina On Bette Midler

Clearfield Progress
June 28, 1997


Dennis Farina, famous for his tough-guy roles in movies such as Get Shorty, is great to watch. Where is he from? Gerald Mountain, Delray Beach, Ra.

He was born and raised in Chicago, and still vacations on the Lake Michigan shore. The father of three grown sons tells us He fell into acting at 35. As a Chicago police officer, “I met some actors and directors and got into it.” He had fun working with Bette Midler on spring’s That Old Feeling.

“She’s funny. She has looks. She’s smart. That’s a great trifecta.” He’s no dancer, so for their dance-floor scene, Midler led.

“She’d say, ‘Start with your left’ Then she’d kick me. I had bruises up and down my leg.”

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