BetteBack May 23, 1973: Bette Midler Brings Back Nostalgia

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May 23, 1973


Thinking along the lines of the nostalgia generated by the moving of the Queen and the display of Eva’s limo, we’re reminded of one of the hottest pop singers on the current scene –Bette Midler

“The Divine Miss M“. as she is referred to in the title of her first album, specialises in period songs from the days of the big bands, of swing and jazz.

Right now her version of “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” is being played by nearly every contemporary music station in the country.

So listen up, people who lamented the demise of the big bands and of swing music. In case you haven’t watched American Bandstand lately, that’s what hip America is dancing to, And they’re even touching each other while they dance.

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