People are risking their lives to see ‘Hello, Dolly!’

Page Six
People are risking their lives to see ‘Hello, Dolly!
By Ian Mohr
April 1, 2017


After Page Six reported that a California man fainted at Bette Midler’s new Broadway musical “Hello, Dolly!” — but so much wanted to see the second act that he refused to let EMTs cart him away — two more hearty patrons risked their health to attend the hot-ticket show.

Sources told Page Six that two women in their 60s were headed to the revival on West 44th Street Thursday when they were struck by a car down the block from the Shubert Theatre.

“Two old ladies got clipped by a car” on their way to see “Dolly!” but they refused medical attention, said a theater source, adding that witnesses saw them “on the ground” with cops standing around them, and that an ambulance even arrived.

But the intrepid duo “refused treatment” and instead continued on to the theater. A source said the women did not file a police report on the scene.

A spokesperson for the NYPD had no further information about the incident.

Another source told us that one of the women was “more shaken than anything,” while her pal “seemed to go unconscious for a minute,” but then appeared to be OK. Thank goodness.

“The accident apparently happened down the block from the show, close to Eighth Avenue,” said the second source. “So the two poor ladies had to then brush themselves off and walk down the street to get to the show.”

The hot musical has advance ticket sales of $40 million and took in $1.67 million from just six previews last week. Opening night is April 20. Tickets for the show start at $89 for balcony seats and go up to $750 for front-row premium seating, according to Telecharge.

Page Six reported that a fan fainted at the second preview, which was halted. But when he was taken to the lobby by paramedics, the man refused medical help and exclaimed instead, “I’d sooner die than miss Act 2!” Producer Scott Rudin even invited him to another performance.

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4 thoughts on “People are risking their lives to see ‘Hello, Dolly!’

  1. I saw this Friday night from fourth row center and believe me I wouldn’t let getting hit by a car stop me from seeing this show!!!! Bette was AMAZING!! And the whole cast brilliant. Do not miss this show!

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