BetteBack September 21, 1974: How Come We Don’t Hear More About Bette Midler Lately?

San Mateo Times
September 21, 1974


I just love Bette Midler. How come we don’t read more about her lately?-K. O., Alexandria, Va.

Miss Midler, one of this country’s fastest rising and most talented singers, won’t cooperate with the press, who are anxious to include her in stories and articles. She says that unless the story is about.her, and her alone, she doesn t want to be in it, because she doesn’t like the idea of being lumped together with similar celebrities. Last year she won “After Dark” magazine’s Entertainer of the Year award, and this year she won a Grammy Award for the Best New Artist. Incidentally, another star who thinks the same way is Barbra Streisand.

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