Bette Midler didn’t perform at the Tonys

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Bette Midler didn’t perform at the Tonys


While the 2017 Tony Awards were packed with performances, there was one major moment many were expecting to see that didn’t happen: Bette Midler, nominated for Best Actress in a Musical for her starring role in Hello, Dolly!took the stage only as a presenter, not as a performer.

So why didn’t the Divine Miss M treat us to one of her show-stopping numbers?

No official statement has been made yet to address the matter, but the New York Times speculates that it’s because Hello, Dolly‘s producers wanted the cast to perform its opening number remotely, on their own stage at the Shubert Theater, instead of at Radio City Musical Hall where the Tonys took place. “They argued that the different configuration of the stage at Radio City — and, in particular, its passerelle — could pose a risk to leaping dancers and would not do the song justice,” the Times reports. According to the NYT, the Tonys producers may not have wanted to set a precedent by letting shows perform remotely.

Instead, Midler’s co-star David Hyde Pierce performed the song “Penny in My Pocket.” But Broadway fans across Twitter weren’t pleased with the omission.

Bette Midler not performing at the tonight is a hate crime against the gays.

David Hyde Pierce is superb but what a travesty that we won’t have Bette Midler as Dolly immortalized on this broadcast.

Bette Midler refusing to sing and then presenting immediately afterwards is the best diva move I have seen in ages

I must say…I’M SO DISAPPOINTED AMERICA doesn’t get to see BETTE. it’s a travesty. Every1 should see her Dolly.

It’s irrational to keep hoping Bette Midler will perform, right?

This will not go unavenged!!! No Bette as Dolly??? It’s freakin’ pride for rainbow’s sake!!!

I jumped out of the shower and almost broke my neck to see Bette perform, but she didn’t! ????

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5 thoughts on “Bette Midler didn’t perform at the Tonys

  1. I was so disappointed that Bette did not sing at the Tonys. It was a disgrace
    As people like myself cannot see the show because of medical reasons. The
    Only thing that could make it better is to make a movie of the show as the
    met has done. Everyone would make more money and fans like me could
    See what was my whole bucket list! Think about it!

  2. Not every Bette fan can get to NYC for one reason or another, myself included to see this show. It would have been a nice gift to those of us for Bette to find a way to perform last night. I believe she simply did not want to. She has stated before, in relation to her live concerts, that she did not put those out on DVD etc. because those shows are for people who purchase a ticket. I find that very sad. I have been and will continue to be a Bette Fan (over 40 years) but I was very disappointed that she could not find a way to sing for everyone, including those, like myself, that can’t see the show live. One of the things that I’ve loved about The Tony Awards for years is it gives all of us a chance to see these wonderful shows.

  3. I understand why Bette and others did not perform. While I missed it -she has such a terrific voice and this show is nearly tailor made for her – I accept the decision!

  4. Big mistake and miscalculation on part of Tonys producers. Remote productions have been telecast in the past. They could have permitted it to make broadcast even more successful and well received. It would have only promoted this show all the more.

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