Goodbye, Dolly: Tony Winner Bette Midler Taking Her First Two Week Vacation

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Goodbye, Dolly: Tony Winner Bette Midler Taking Her First Two Week Vacation
by Roger Friedman – June 19, 2017 9:04 am


Bette Midler? She’s outta here. She promised Dolly would never go away again. But Dolly Levi, matchmaker, is taking a two week vacation from June 27th-July 9th. Bette Midler will be lighting sparklers with her hefty paycheck while Tony winner Donna Murphy plays her role. Murphy also started playing Tuesday night shows beginning this past June 13th.

You have to go all the way into Telecharge, about to buy tickets, when this warning comes up in red:

“On Tuesdays beginning June 13, 2017, the role of Dolly Levi will be played by Donna Murphy. Donna Murphy will also perform the role of Dolly Levi on June 27 – July 2, July 5 – 9, Sunday evening – July 30, September 6 – 10, Sunday evening – October 15, Monday evening – October 30, November 1 – 5, Friday – November 24 at 2pm, and Sunday evening – January 7. “

Yes, “Hello, Dolly!” only opened six weeks ago, and Midler just won the Tony Award. She didn’t perform on the Tony broadcast, but she needs that vacation. She’s the second oldest actress ever to play Dolly. (The second time Carol Channing did it, she was slightly older. Channing was famous for never missing performances.)

And yes, once Midler is gone, there are plenty of seats at all performances. Murphy is one the best ever Broadway stars, and perfect for Dolly, too. And if Murphy is out for some reason, maybe Channing– who’s 96– will fill in! (Actually, it would be funnier if Dolly Parton stepped in. Why not?)

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dolly: Tony Winner Bette Midler Taking Her First Two Week Vacation

  1. I saw all of the dates she wouldn’t be playing when I got my tickets. Sitting in front of the computer the moment they went on sale. It’s terrible how these people are treating her as if she is some kind of spoiled and/or selfish prima donna. Not that she should care. And I certainly hope she doesn’t. Haven’t said it in awhile, so I will now. I love your site. 🙂

  2. Well since I’m not going to be able to see Hello Dolly, I think Bette needs a vacation, but If I had tickets I would be disappointed lol

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