Bad Time for Train Trouble

New York Times
Bad Time for Train Trouble
Metropolitan Diary
AUG. 2, 2017


Dear Diary:

I was riding the subway in Manhattan on a recent evening at around 6:30. As we approached 34th Street, the train suddenly stopped.

We sat for a few minutes, and then an announcement came over the speaker: “We are delayed because of a fight going on in the subway train ahead of us. They are waiting for the police to break it up.”

A woman sitting across from me looked especially unhappy. As our wait extended to 10 and then 15 minutes, the expression of anxiety on her face grew more pronounced.

Finally, at 6:50, the woman, practically with tears in her eyes, looked at me and blurted out, “Theater at seven!”

“I hope it’s not ‘Hamilton,’” I said.

“Bette Midler!” she exclaimed.

I tried to reassure her that if she were significantly late, the box office would probably exchange her ticket once she told them the reason for her tardiness.

Luckily, our train began to move again at 6:53. Given that most Broadway shows start seven minutes late, I’d like to think she made it to “Hello, Dolly!” on time.

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