Tony Winners Reap in Profits as Summer Peaks

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Tony Winners Reap in Profits as Summer Peaks


In the week ending July 30, 2017, the top earning show in terms of percentage reached of its gross potential was Kinky Boots, which was the 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Musical.  Spurred on by the recent addition of pop star Brendon Urie to the cast, Kinky Boots is experiencing a renaissance of its top box office days, which peaked in the holiday season at the end of 2013, as well as late summer 2013 following the show’s Tony success.  This past week, the weekly gross for Kinky Boots was $1,584,103, which is the highest weekly gross since Urie entered the cast.  This is an increase of $131,512 from the week before, and the grosses have been steadily increasing for the past 10 weeks.  Prior to that, the week ending May 28, 2017 had a weekly gross of just $796,424, after which a steep jump of $318,869 led the show on its current upward trend.  In terms of gross potential, Kinky Boots had the highest gross this past week at 125.99% of its gross potential.

Following Kinky Boots, the next highest gross in terms of potential was Dear Evan Dear Evan Hansen blue and black logoHansen, which was this year’s 2017 Tony Award winning Best Musical.  The show brought in a weekly gross of $1,709,347, which represents 124.1% of its potential.  This is the second highest weekly gross Dear Evan Hansen has brought in to date, beat out only by the week ending July 9, 2017, which had a weekly gross of $1,725,297, or 125.24% of its gross potential.  Third in line in terms of gross potential was this year’s Tony Award winning Best Revival of a MusicalHello, hello dollyDolly!.  This past week, Dollybrought in a weekly gross of $2,250,414, which represents 123.0% of its gross potential.  After a two-week vacation in which Better Midler was temporarily replaced by Donna Murphy, fans are eager to snatch those Midler tickets while she remains in the show for a limited time.  This past week was the third highest weekly gross of the show to date, beat out in the week ending June 25, 2017, which had a weekly gross of $2,305,481, and the week ending June 18, 2017, which had a weekly gross of $2,297,057.

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