Four Hollywood celebrities who powered through awards-show play-off music

11 JANUARY 2018 Last Updated at 4:08 PM
Four H`wood celebrities who powered through awards-show play-off music

Los Angeles [U.S.A], January 11 : “Lower the music, it’s taken 25 years. Give me a minute,” said Guillermo Del Toro, after winning his first ever Golden Globe for Best Director at this year’s star-studded ceremony.

He totally admonished the orchestra for trying to cut short his acceptance speech. But, if you thought that he was the only celebrity to power through the awards-show play-off music, then you are wrong.

Here are four Hollywood stars, who ‘shut’ the music which was ruining a fairytale moment in their career:

1) Bette Midler (2017 Tony Awards)

Why would someone, who’s career spans over 50 years in the entertainment industry would want the crappy music to ruin her first ever Tony Award? Bette Midler, who won her first Tony Award for acting in 2017, she said, “Shut that crap off!” when the music starting playing during her speech.

The music could not stop her from continuing the speech and went on to continue her speech for more than four minutes.

2) Cuba Gooding Jr. (Oscars 1997)

Cuba Gooding Jr. knew that the music is surely going to play a spoilsport in such a joyous moment in his professional life, so he started his Oscar acceptance speech by saying, “I know I have a little bit of time, so I’m going to rush and say everybody and you can cut away and I won’t be mad at you.”

Despite the loud music, the actor, who won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in ‘Jerry Maguire,’ continued to shout “thanks” and in all excitement declared that he loves all the cast members of the movie, to which stars like Steve Martin and Will Smith stood up and applauded.

3) Adrien Brody (Oscars 2003)

Adrien Brody just not made his Oscar moment memorable by bestowing a kiss on presenter Halle Berry while accepting his Best Actor award for his acting in ‘The Pianist’, but Brody also powered through the music to end his acceptance speech.

He said, “One second, please. One second. Cut it out. I got one shot at this. I didn’t say more than five names, I don’t think.”

In the end, the ‘Predators’ star got a second standing ovation for his words.

4) Michael Moore (Oscars 2003)

In what is considered to be one of the memorable speeches in the Oscars history, Michael Moore, who won the Oscar for ‘Best Documentary (Feature)’ in 2003, just ignored every rule that has been mentioned in the books of ‘The Academy’ and delivered an ‘Anti-Bush’ speech by calling him a “fictitious president” who sent “us to war for fictitious reasons.”

Despite the blaring music and boos from the audience he continued his speech and said, “Shame on you, Mr. Bush! Shame on you!”

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