About 30 Years Ago, Bette Aired The Bizarre “Mondo Beyondo” On HBO! (Full Special Included)

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May 29, 2008 1:00 PM
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Bette Midler, The KipperKids and Others

About 30 years ago, HBO aired The Mondo Beyondo Show, a sort-of send-up of avant-garde performance shows like Alive From Off Center and Night Flight. Hosted by Bette Midler (as the character Mondo Beyondo), it showcased artists that covered the broad spectrum between performance art, dance, and absurdist comedy. Strap on your Eighties Goggles; here’s the meat of the show: Bill Irwin | La La La Human Steps | The Kipper Kids | Yes/No People | Paul Zaloom | David Cale | and the Divine Miss M as Eudora P. Quickly

• The Kipper Kids featured Bette Midler’s husband, Martin von Haselberg. Wikipedia PageMore Youtubes of Kipper Madness.• The Yes/No People eventually became STOMP. Here’s their Brooms music video.

• Who isBill Irwin? Oh, he’s generally done everything. (No hating on Mr. Noodles, please–do hate on the red furball he’s with. And hands off the McFerrin, too.)

• PaulZaloomactivist and puppeteer, is also better known to the masses as Beakman from Beakman’s World. C’mon and Zalooma-loomaloom-Zaloom.

• More from La La La Human StepsYoutuberances.

• David Cale is a monologist. That’s all I could find out about him, plus this duet with Syd Straw.


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