Bette Midler Will Not Be Attending The Tony’s Proving Once Again Her Real Feelings For Awards Shows

Bette Midler Meme, Boo

Mister D: Well I thought for sure, Bette would show up for the Tony’s this year as a presenter. I didn’t even question it until today. I just saw lists of presenters on different websites, but none listed her except one, and I had never heard of the damn website.

So I decided to write Bette’s Team. It had been awhile since I annoyed them, so I thought the time was ripe for a question. Since they mostly only answer in single words (Yay, Nay, May(be)) I worded my question as to be precise: Is Bette Midler going to be a presenter or do something in some capacity at the Tony’s this year? The answer: Nope!

I never ask why, because I always think I know why so why bother asking why but don’t think I will give you my answer as to why! Got it! Get It! Good!

Love, Don

PS: The hideous photoshop image was created by me. Never, ever think that would be Nicola. I’ll probably get in trouble from her for trying to do one. But I felt it necessary to the narrative!

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