Bette Midler – No Jinx (Jinxed!) (1982) – Video

Bette Midler in Jinxed?

Bette Midler in Jinxed

The film is based on the 1980 novel The Edge by Frank D. Gilroy. He sold the film rights to the Ladd Company at Warner Bros. intending to direct; Ladd then sold the project to Herb Jaffe at United Artists for $300,000 and Jaffe hired David Newman to rewrite it. A UA production executive suggested Bette Midler for the lead and she asked for Don Siegel to direct. The script was rewritten by Jerry Blatt, Carol Rydall, Midler and Siegel. During development, it was also known as The Jackpot and Hot Streak. Gilroy had his name removed from the film and was credited as “Burt Blessing”.

Filming started on May 5, 1981 and took place at Harrah’s Lake TahoeLake TahoeMGM Grand Reno, and MGM studios.

Siegel had been a mentor of director Sam Peckinpah, who was having difficulty finding assignments in the film industry due to his most recent troubled production. Siegel offered Peckinpah a chance to return to filmmaking with 12 days of second unit directing work on Jinxed. Peckinpah accepted, and his collaboration with was noted within the industry. While Peckinpah’s work was uncredited, it would lead to his hiring as the director of his final film, The Osterman Weekend (1983).

In addition to Siegel’s health problems, Midler and Wahl reportedly[fought viciously throughout the filming, making no secret of their open hostility towards one another. Wahl described to the press how much he disliked kissing Midler. Years later, Midler would state that Siegel was also hostile towards her. In turn, Siegel said the experience of working with Midler was unpleasant. When asked by United Artists executive Steven Bach why he didn’t quit, Siegel replied, “Because then I wouldn’t get my fee. Why not fire me?”

Lalo Schifrin composed and recorded what would have been his sixth score for Siegel on Jinxed, but it was rejected by the studio despite Siegel’s objections.

The film received an “R” rating in the United States.

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4 thoughts on “Bette Midler – No Jinx (Jinxed!) (1982) – Video

  1. Hi Mr D, has the sharon stone movie collapsed? I have not heard anything about the that in awhile. When is filming supposed to take place?


  2. I’ve been told, no. Each are filming movies now, then I guess their film would be next. It just seems a lifetime for us fans, and we also are very familiar with movies collapsing.

  3. Okay I have read this write-up on “JINXED” before but I believe it contains a lot of made up information. First of all there is no novel I can find called “THE EDGE” by Frank G. Gilroy. There was a series of books called “EDGE SERIES” by George G. Gilman which is absolutely unrelated to “JINXED.” (Notice the names are similar.) And the stuff about selling the rights to Ladd Company…I don’t think that’s accurate either. Also, this was originally based on a project with the title “STRYKE AND HYDE” and it also was tentatively called “IT’S ALL IN THE GAME.”

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