Tid-Bettes: The Midler Memos 8-19-21

Tid-Bettes 81921

Jake  Shimabukuro, Bette Midler, Jake and Friends

It has been recently announced that Jake Shimabukuro’s new album “Jake and Friends” will be released in November 2021 featuring Willie Nelson, Michael McDonald, Vince Gill, and Bette Midler singing “The Rose”

Bette Midler, Hocus Pocus, Mother

Hocus Pocus 2 which will premiere on Disney in 2022, hopefully around Halloween this time will have some new characters, but one is particularly interesting, and that is the Mother of The Sanderson Sisters. And while we don’t know who has the role, we know the type they’re looking for…a “stunning, ageless beauty” in the vein of “Cher or Diana Ross.” Put on your thinking witches hat! Who could it be? And most likely she will have to sing.

Bette Midler, Tales of the Allergists Wife

I told Bette’s assistant that I keep reading Sharon Stone bringing up that she and Bette Midler will star in Charles Busche’s “Tales Of The Allergists Wife,” but she said nobody had contacted Bette about it still.

Sophie Von Haselberg and Ryan Spahn in Edward Albee's At Home At The Zoo

This past weekend, August 13 -15, 2021, a staged reading of Edward Albee’s “At Home at the Zoo,” which combines his first play, “The Zoo Story” (1959), with its 2004 prequel, “Homelife,” was performed in Guild Hall’s theater. The production starred Michael Urie, Ryan Spahn, and Sophie von Haselberg      

“The Zoo Story” concerns two characters, Peter, a wealthy publishing executive, and Jerry, an isolated and unhappy man who approaches Peter on a bench in Manhattan’s Central Park. Jesse Green of The New York Times has characterized it as a “despairing vision of life as an unwinnable war for dominance.”     

“Homelife” was later written as a companion to “The Zoo Story” and is now required by Mr. Albee’s estate to be performed with it. Mr. Green called it “an indispensably excellent work in its own right.”     

Directed by Nathan Winkelstein, the production stars Michael Urie, Ryan Spahn, and Sophie von Haselberg. Tickets are $50 and, in the case of all performances, available through Guild Hall’s website

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