Spotify: Bette Midler & Sophie von Haselberg’s Excellent Aural Adventure

Bette Midler & Sophie von Haselberg's Excellent Aural Adventure: Delores DeLago
<strong><em>bette midler sophie von haselbergs excellent aural adventure delores delago<em><strong>

Bette & Sophie’s Excellent Aural Adventure

The following playlist from Bette Midler and daughter Sophie von Haselberg was their quarantine music during the peak of the pandemic lockdowns. Bette is a friend and a long-time inspiration for fashion designer Marc Jacobs. She was featured, along with her daughter, Sophie, in the 2016 RUNWAY SPRING MARC JACOBS CAMPAIGN. The playlist consists of 21 songs with a total playing time at 1 hour and 23 minutes. Let’s guess which musical picks are Bette’s and Sophie’s.

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