The Weaning Of Mister D

Mister D:

Dear BLB Readers:

I’ll just be honest. I am luckily able to go off a certain medication. You know my problem. I feel as if I’m going off heroin, although I have never been on that. Anyway, I can barely write this. So I will not be able to post anything or check email after this. And you know that I like to try to address all of them….Anyway, it’s taken me about 30 minutes per sentence to write this.

I’m politely asking that you don’t write me for requests. You don’t have to send me stories you found on the internet….I’ll put them up when I feel better. Right now I just don’t have any concept of when that will be. For all I know it could be tomorrow or a week.

If you hear gossip OR something just about Bette…that’s another story. I’d like to eventually try to confirm them OR post the big Bette stuff right away.

For those who don’t check regularly there’s a few new additions to the Bette jukebox. Don’t forget to vote in the polls. They’re like a warm up to the presidential elections.

Be sure to keep up on the second slew of tickets to go on sale for Bette’s summer gig at Caesar’s just in case.

Thank you for your patience,

Mister D

PS: The personal is mine to share

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