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Billboard Boxscore Charts: Issue 2008-04-05

Mister D: Once again, Bette reigns supreme sitting at the top of the concert charts. Let’s see who she’s looking down upon in the Top 10:

1. Bette Midler
2. Bon Jovi, Daughtry
3. Iron Maiden
4. Rod Stewart
5. Rod Stewart
6. Iron Maiden
7. Westlife
8. Springsteen
9. Springstee
10. Springsteen

To see the full charts: Click Here

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2 thoughts on “Billboard Boxscore Charts: Issue 2008-04-05

  1. Hi Mr D & All!

    You know what I going to say ……..

    “Big Tits Means, Big Bucks!”

    And why doesn’t it surprise me that Bette is the only female performer on this list? And look at who she is up against and literally shitted all over!

    You Go Girl!

    Big Hugz!


  2. Отлично,несогласен с предыдущими высказываниями
    ) 🙂

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