So why is your nose bleeding Elton John? Who Cares, Is That Bette Midler With You!

So why is your nose bleeding Elton John? Blood on singer’s face at high-profile event
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:25 PM on 28th April 2010

Elton John was pictured with blood trickling from his nose last night, as he left a high-profile fundraising gala.

The singer, who in 2008 boasted to Lily Allen ‘I could still snort you under the table’, appeared unaware of his injury.

Sir Elton smiled for the cameras and clutched a bouquet of flowers as he posed alongside Elizabeth Hurley, Bette Midler and Evelyn Lauder at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘s Hot Pink Party in New York.

Nose bleed: Elton John appeared unaware his nose was bleeding as he left the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party in New York last night

High-profile event: Sir Elton was posing alongside Evelyn Lauder, Elizabeth Hurley and Bette Midler
Earlier the 62-year-old had performed for the guests, as they raised more than $4million for the charity.

Liz Hurley tweeted: ‘Elton was fabulous.’

Sir Elton spent years addicted to cocaine, snorting a line of the Class A drug every ten minutes.

Heading home: Sir Elton wore skull motif shoes and a personalised jacket

He also battled addictions to alcohol, and even to foods including cockles and ice cream, both of which he would consume in pints during bulimic phases.

In 1990 he checked himself into a hospital in Chicago to beat his addictions and is now clean. But it is possible he was left with a de-sensitised nose and is now slow to take action when he suffers a nose bleed.

Sir Elton, who has a fortune of £175m, has since offered a shoulder to cry on to celebrities suffering from addictions, offering help and advice in troubled times.

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