BetteBack: A View From A Broad

Miss M’ talking
Hu t c h i n s on News
Wed., Nov. 7, 1979

I t ‘s c a l l e d, ” A View From A Broad,” but a more appropriate title would be, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bette Midler.”

Simon and Schuster will publish the book which comes out in February. And, it’s mostly “The Divine Miss M‘ talking,” for example, Midler reveals on turning 30 years old:

“I am over 30 and I’m very what they call mellow. I was very bitter but looking back I don’t know what I was bitter about. Maybe I’m just getting fat.”

The D I V I N E M i ss M ‘, Bette Midler also talks about her life ambitions in her new book, ” A View From A B r o a d “: “I wanna go to Milwaukee in the worst w a y” and “be someone tall .”

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