Meet Actor Dylan Hartigan

Ramapo’s Dylan Hartigan: Actor, Singer, Video Game Player
Local teen has been in the business since before he could tie his shoe laces.
By Lynn Bruggemann


Lights, Camera, Action. These were early vocabulary words for Dylan Hartigan. He learned their meaning “on set” when he was only a preschooler.

At age 3, Hartigan made his acting debut in a 1-800 Flowers commercial. “My brother and sister were doing some acting and I wanted to give it a try,” the Ramapo High sophomore told Patch.

Having been bitten by the acting bug, he appeared in his first movie alongside Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler in the 2004 remake of the Stepford Wives.

“Bette Midler taught me how to tie my shoes,” recalls Hartigan. “She was truly nice and a very genuine person. I thought that was cool because she is BETTE MIDLER,” he laughs.

His recent film Funeral Kings is being submitted to the Sundance Film Festival for consideration.

Acting just feels natural to me and it is fun,” offers Hartigan. He credits the devotion of his mom for some of his success.

“I couldn’t have accomplished as much without her driving me into the City; she is great,” he boasted.

Another secret to his success is his upbeat personality.

“It is important to be optimistic and learn to deal with disappoint – you just can’t get down in this business,” offers Hartigan.

At 15, Hartigan is not limiting himself to acting. His singing debut was this Spring at the Chrissie White Memorial Concert held at Wyckoff Reformed Church. “I think my career is in acting first and then singing,” he reflects.

But when Hollywood calls, Hartigan knows you hop on a plane. This week, he’s in Los Angeles getting paid to play with video games. Gamers can look for Dylan in the 2012 Madden Football commercial.

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Last movie you’ve seen: Harry Potter

Actor you are dying to work with: Will Ferrell

Favorite movie: Step Brothers, of course, Will Ferrell is the funniest

Plans for the summer: Professional singing, dancing and guitar lessons along with auditions

Activities outside of performing: Baseball at Ramapo High School

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  1. The picture you have above with Bette is not Dylan. Dylan played Nicole Kidman’s son in the movie “Stepford Wives”. There is a picture of him and Bette on his IMDB.

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