Concerning Lady Gaga, Madonna Tells Bette To Let It Go

Star Magazine
Malene Arpe
July 25, 2011

Bette Midler accuses Lady Gaga of stealing her famous mermaid-in-a-wheelchair act Says Madonna, “Just let it go.”

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7 thoughts on “Concerning Lady Gaga, Madonna Tells Bette To Let It Go

  1. I really hope that Madonna is not that stupid and does see that by making this “fight” go on a little longer, Bette is getting free positive publicity. w/e haha

  2. I still think Bette opened the door for her and was never acknowledged…but Madonna went a little too far….plus her talent was limited….

  3. Everything bad we say, especially about Madonna, may sound jealosy for she’s a bigger star than Bette (a bigger star, not a bigger talent). Madonna knows how to work the press, she’s aware of everything. Personaly, I don’t think Miss M would steer a fight with anyone for publicity. The Divine One may be sassy, but she’s a lady.

    Now, I hope Bette’s peers at the Television Academy award her over Gaga at The Emmys. That would make me happy.

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