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What Becomes A Diva Most?

By Sistahfairydiva on October 18th, 2011 at 8:13 pm
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According to Wikipedia, A diva (English pronunciation: /ˈdiːvə/, Italian: [ˈdiːva]) is a celebrated female singer. The term is used to describe a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and, by extension, in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of “prima donna!

We at Sportie Lab have our own specific definition of a Diva, on what her genetic makeup consists , and the formula of her chemistry. First of all she is strong, confident, intelligent, classy, and gracious. Her attitude is a reflection of her sexiness, not her dress size. She is proud, assertive, and humble – knowing her position, and maintaining it through thick and thin. A Diva is a mover, a shaker, a ground breaker, a trail blazer. She doesn’t allow obstacles to hold her back, she maneuvers, persuades, or even barters to have things her way. Her perception of any given situation is to accomplish her goal. Divas aren’t made. They are born.

The week’s Diva- The Divine Miss. M- The People’s Diva- Bette Midler

I was 17 yrs old, and a freshman at U.C Irvine- Go Anteaters!, and was madly in love with Bette Midler. I’d just seen the movie The Rose, and the soundtrack played in my car every day. The Divine Miss. M is super multi-talented, she’s beautiful, and funny, and she is truly “The Peoples Diva”. I feel like a real life groupie. Whenever I talk about her or see her on screen. Shit! I even have her on one Pandora stations,” I wonder if they’ve got “Beaches” on Netflix? There I go rambling on about the lovely Miss Midler; I think I really love her most because she’s raunchy as hell! Lol
Bette Midler was born December 1st, 1945, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her parents moved just in time for little Miss M. to make her appearance on the sandy shore and were one of few Jewish families in the mostly Asian neighborhood. She was named after actress Bette Davis, though pronounced differently she still ended up in show business. Imagine that? While raised in Aiea, she attended Radford High School, in Honolulu. Surprisingly enough, she was voted as “Most Talkative” in the 1961 school Hoss Election, and as a senior (Class of 1963), “Most Dramatic”. She majored in drama at the University of Hawaii, but left after only three semesters. After playing “seasick passenger” in the movie Hawaii, she took her meager earnings and went straight to New York City.

Her accolades are actually too many to list, she’s the star of stage, radio, television, and film. She made her stage debut right after arriving in New York City, with her first professional onstage role in Tom Eyen’s Off-Off Broadway plays in 1965, Miss Nefertiti Regrets and Cinderella Revisited, a children’s play by day and an adult show by night.

Her Music career started with the release of her debut album, The Divine Miss M, on Atlantic Records, in December 1972. It reached Billboard’s Top 10 and became a million-selling Platinum-certified album, earning little Miss Midler the 1973 Grammy Award for Best New Artist. After discovering Bette Midler in 1979, I searched high and low for any and everything she’d ever recorded. I can honestly say I’ve got a pretty damn good collection of some Bette Midler classics: 1973-Bette Midler, 1979- Thighs and Whispers, Bathhouse Betty Jackpot: The Best Bette, and my all time favorite (I’ve replaced twice, 2 cassettes,and 1 CD) The Soundtrack from the Rose. There’s “Wind Beneath my Wings” – a tribute to my Mother, and “From a Distance”- a tribute to me., both these songs have won countless awards and recognition.

Her Films haven’t always been box office hits, but who could stop laughing, singing , and crying while watching “Beaches”? The list is pretty lengthy , there’s; Ruthless People with Danny Devito, Big Business with Lily Tomlin, The First Wives Club, and my second favorite Hocus Pocus. I think I loved “The Rose” so much because it was loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin, my true first love (Yes! Her crazy ass was a Diva too), my neighbor gave me The Best of Janis Joplin, when I was thirteen (I have the CD in my car as we speak).

Miss Bette Midler- aka “The People’s Diva” also host the Annual Hulaween Extravaganza to raise money every year for the NYRP (New York Restoration Project). She’s also connected to a list of other charities that are near and dear to her heart. The DVD “Bette Midler- “The Showgirl Must Go On”, featuring the staggering Harlettes, and twenty of the most dazzling, baby Divas, she calls “The Caesar Salad Girls” on stage, a 13 piece band completes the ensemble. This show is up for an Emmy, nominated for Outstanding Variety and Music and Comedy Special. I love Bette Midler, she’s a bright shining star in the mist of a sea of drab and boring entertaining bullshit……….

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