Celebrity New Years Tweets!

Greg In Hollywood
Celeb Tweets: NY Day Edition!
By Greg Hernandez on Jan 1, 2012 4:46 pm

BetteMidler Bette Midler

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Is it over? Did I miss it? Am I talking too fast? Too slow? Who ate my clothes?

ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris

Hope your 2011 was rad. If not, hope you gained some wisdom. Either way, may 2012 be kick-assier than any year thus far. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

THEsaragilbert sara gilbert

Anyone have any resolutions? I need some.

Sean_M_Maher Sean Maher

Happy New Year and much love to you all”¦. Here’s to an extraordinary 2012!

adammshankman Adam Shankman

Tried to take new years nap, and instead, I’m creating ideas for this years charity work, a kids book idea, and TV projects. #juswanttonap!

ChazBono Chaz Bono

Happy New Year! This year has been a banner year 4 me, thanks for accompanying me on the ride. Here’s to 2012!

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