BetteBack December 21, 1990: James Caan Goes On UpSwing!

Twin Falls Times News
December 21, 1990

Q: Are James Caan‘s infrequent appearances on screen the result of a a longstanding drug problem?

A: Caan, whose e a r ly work in “The Godfather” netted him not only popularity with filmgoers but an Academy Award n o m i n a t i o n , as well, attributes the real problem to the untimely death in the early 1980s of his sister Barbara, who was his closest friend and confidante.

The loss, along with an unstable marriage and the popularity of special effects “kid” movies, led to a period of self-destructive behavior involving some drug use. Caan is about to begin working with Bette Midler in “For the Boys,” a musical comedy.

He feels his career and personal life (he recently remarried) are on the upswing.

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