BetteBack May 11, 1992: Tyne Daly Miffed Over Midler Choice For “Gypsy”

Titusville Herald
Daly Loses Role in ‘Gypsy‘ To Bette Midler
May 11, 1992

RADNOR, Pa. (AP)Tyne Daly, who won a Tony award for her performance as Mama Rose in the Broadway hit revival of “Gypsy,” said CBS’s decision to cast Bette Midler in the musical’s TV version caught her by surprise.

“I feel like I’ve been punched in the face,” Daly said in the current issue of TV Guide.

Daly was a Broadway smash in the musical based on the true story of the ultimate stage mother and her daughter-stripper, Gypsy Rose Lee.

“I read about the decision in the papers like everybody else,” Daly said. “Midler is a great power and a ‘great entity, but there’s a bigger and larger power moderating here and if s called money.”

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One thought on “BetteBack May 11, 1992: Tyne Daly Miffed Over Midler Choice For “Gypsy”

  1. I respect Tyne Daly, but she can not be compared to Miss M. How many Oscar nominations does she have and how many albums has she released? Money was right to chose The Divine One. Bette’s version of “Gypsy” is a triumph.

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