Bette Tweets: Bette Has Fun With The Fakery Of The Media ~ Re: The Reynolds/Lively Nuptuals!

Photo by Frank Carroll

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

I intend to tweet on this wedding for days. It certainly beats the truth!

I loathe mint green, but it was good camouflage. All in, a good haul and lovely wedding. Hope it lasts longer than Kim and whats-his-name!

I wore a made to order Not-exactly-the-mother-of-the-Bride-more-like-a-nodding-acquaintance-of-the-groom number that @verawang whipped up..

Whew, quite a day. Had to fend off hordes of papps wanting to see the garter I made off with, along with the bouquet, silver and the groom.

Saw a couple of water moccasins in a lovely swamp @Blakeliveley’swedding. And an alligator longing to become an Hermes bag.

On another note. The pain of 9/11 never goes away, does it?

Made the mistake of wearing clothes. It was so frickkin hot, I should have worn a muumuu with ice bags. Is it me or is it hot down here?

 Bette Midler Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

OK, I was there and I sang “I loves you Porgy”; brought down the 18th cent. house. Cake was delish and I put 1lb of it under my pillow.

But what IS Romney jobs plan? Still waiting. Meanwhile I’ve decided it’s in my best interest to stop denying I was @Blakeliveley’s wedding.

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